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What is a Cut-Over in software development?

Cut-Over Approach and Examples
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Early BA Engagement: “Earning” Pre-Project Work

Written by Adrian Reed on February 13, 2019.
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What is End User Efficiency?

Your end users are the people at the end of the chain who actually use or consume your business's products and services. The products you're developing are ultimately for them.
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What is the difference between server-side rendering SSR and client-side rendering CSR?

Client-Side Rendering (CSR) and Server-Side Rendering (SSR) are two prominent rendering techniques in web development
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How long does it take to develop software?

How long does it take to develop software
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Self-healing code is the future of software development

Developers love automating solutions to their problems, and with the rise of generative AI, this concept is likely to be applied to both the creation, maintenance, and the improvement of code at an entirely new level.
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Importance of Domain Knowhow for Business Analysts

How important is Domain knowledge for a Business Analyst?
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Entering the Japanese Market: Stacking the Deck and Setting Expectations

What is the best market entry strategy for Japan?
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What are the Benefits and Limitations of Augmented Intelligence?

Augmented Intelligence is an important middleware to bridge the gap between things we call "software" and things we call "smarter" such as RBA (Robotic Business Automation).
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Ask Experts: Explicitation/Implicitation and Elicitation; two commonly used but barely unraveled concepts

Explicitation/Implicitation and Elicitation are common terms in software project requirements analysis, but very few of us understand thoroughly the nature of each of these activities.
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Easy ASANA tips & tricks for you and your team

How do your team get better at Asana? Learn more about ASANA tips and tricks
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Project constraints in software development

Fast, cheap or good — choose two. Are you tired of hearing that? One of the biggest challenges that every project manager faces is project constraints. Not only do project constraints limit a project, but they can quickly endanger its success. This is why it’s essential to know all of the possible constraints, their influences on one another and the project management tools that address those constraints.
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