Outsourcing to Vietnam: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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You should frequently ask questions (QnA), brainstorm solutions with vendors, spend time on pre-project phase (PoC, wireframing) and project initiation (prototyping), you can protect yourself from hidden fees. You should take the time to thoroughly review contracts, agreements and proposals.
With the fixed-cost or fixed-bid project, we always do the right things with the help of technology by facilitating efficient communication, collaboration, making decisions based on real-time data, streamlining operations with tools/artifacts we provided and utilizing the automation of processes.
Yes, we offer the pricing model called "simple-but-significant" with stress on incremental development instead of tight timeline (usually requires better English communication skills)
Constant communication, cooperation, innovation, and flexibility are the foundation of a long-lasting outsourcing partnership. If your partnership strategy is adequately aligned, you and your provider can better address challenges and respond to problems quickly and effectively. Recent reports show that over 90% of the Fortune 500 have multiple outsourcing contracts to managed service providers, with a value of over $190 billion. This includes application and data security, AI and ML, RPA development, software maintenance, cloud-based app development, knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), Odoo customization and much more. How can organisations at any scale adopt the same strategy and benefit from managed IT services? Most of these companies have ongoing budget lines for these outsourced functions year after year because they know that outsourcing yields significant cost-reduction benefits such as enhanced efficiency, time savings, cost-effectiveness, mitigated risk, change-tolerant. These companies also know how important it is to select the right vendor, and they tend to prefer using an offshore outsourcing center that has an onshore office that responds promptly to questions or problems that may arise. Finally, these companies fully understand the importance of maintaining good communication with the chosen contractors so that they can monitor the project as it advances and make the most of the business relationship.
If you are in any of these situations, you might want to consider outsourcing your IT services: 1. You see that your internal IT department employees lack the skills, knowledge and expertise to cope with the tasks. 2. You need to lower the expenses and save the company money spent. 3. You need to focus on critical business processes instead of managing your internal team. 4. When you face numerous challenges due to rapid business growth. 5. When you have to dedicate more time to admin tasks.
In 2023, most organizations are outsourcing for application and data security, AI and ML, RPA development, software maintenance, cloud-based app development, knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), Odoo customization and much more. Businesses also wish to reduce risk with Nearshore outsourcing and Multi-vendor outsourcing. Businesses from diverse industries are recognizing the benefits of enhanced efficiency, time savings, cost-effectiveness, mitigated risk, change-tolerant, and access to specialized skills and expertise. Outsourcing software development has many advantages including cost reduction, improved efficiency, mitigated risk, and enhanced security.
How long did it take them on their previous project on average? What did they do to meet tight deadlines or urgent tasks? What is their normal workflow and timeline? Answers to these questions show how flexible and productive the offshore team can process to deliver the project’s results. This will also give you a clearer picture of the amount of time and budget. Please note that the communication must be clear and open on both sides. The offshore team must choose suitable remote team management tools (including time zone management, video conferencing, or relevant software)
OW TO FIND A PERFECT OFFSHORE WEB DEVELOPMENT TEAM? 1. Recommendations: Ask your business partners or friends. They will provide you with practical advice and an in-depth understanding of how professional or engaging the team was. 2. Freelance portals: Freelance portals such as Freelancer, Fiverr, or Upwork are where you can find and hire expert talents. Before assigning the task, you can openly discuss the terms with them. 3. Networking: You may find on conferences, events, hackathons, and meetups 4. Via social media or LinkedIn: You can also find potential offshore web developers teams on social media and LinkedIn.

Will I own the source code?

Outsourcing Business Model
Intellectual property ownership is a very tricky and sensitive question. However, you need to clarify this with the offshore team first. If they give you a straightforward answer that you will own the code, and can edit it without programming knowledge, then it’s a very good sign that you can trust this team. If your project is relatively small and simple, owning the source code may be an unnecessary expense. On the other hand, if your project is expensive and long-lasting, you should make sure to include the intellectual property ownership in the contract as an important provision for long-term partnership.
The first stage of outsourcing, during which the buying company conducts a thorough assessment of their sourcing needs. Since this stage involves developing a project plan, identifying a leadership team and reorganizing training resources, it is often the most difficult.
We lower the project price based on the following: 1. Developing the core technology platform for your system with minimum viable features, while assuring the long-term objectives of reusability, scalability and maintainability. 2. Be assured that the much-needed features are included with the modern Web design and intuitive User Interface, while the relevant and frequently used functionalities are highly prioritized to maximize the efficient usage. However, this also means that many unnecessary features might not be needed right away, including those which are not effective immediately within 2 years after going live. Such features only will work when there are thousands of active users to interact with the system on a daily basis or when there is already a huge amount of data storage to serve. In addition, features which are "nice-to-have" or "could have" or even "To-be Determined" will be excluded in this version due to over-budgeting. Last but not least, low price doesn't mean low quality. It is the cost-effective strategy for "grade" instead of "best quality". Oftentimes, "less is more" is the wisdom strategy.
Yes, it does. It depends only only on how difficult technologies are, but also how difficult it is to hire the sought-after developers in low-cost countries. For example, in Vietnam developers with expertise in .NET, MEAN stack, PHP, Python (Odoo, Django) are easier to find than Java developers. AI and blockchain technologies have just started on its journey. The following technical stacks has the high rate: VR Blockchain AI - Augmented Intelligence AI - Artificial Intelligence NodeJS Java
We charged our previous EU clients with hourly rates ranging from 18 EUR to 32 EUR per hour, and APAC clients ranging 15USD - 20USD. It depends on the complexity of project, timeline and cooperation models (onshore, offshore, hybrid...). We recommend the ideal 3-months timeline at minimum for long-term benefits. The faster you expect to release a project, the higher the hourly rate. Learn more: <a href="/post/4346/tigo-rate-formula-things-the-partners-should-know" target="_blank">TIGO Rate Formula - Things the partners should know</a>
Depending on the project requirements, features, the location of the software development company, and other aspects, software development costs for a small app are from $30,000 to $45,000, for a medium-sized project from $70,000 to $100,000, and for a large-scale complex application, $100,000 and more.
Currently, India and China are industry leaders for outsourcing software programming and development companies. Outsourcing in Vietnam is being recognized as a low-cost software manufacturer in Asia. According to CIO, software development outsourcing in Vietnam is about 90% cheaper than hiring the US labor force. Compared to India, software development outsourcing in Vietnam is cheaper from one third to one-seventh. While the Indian and Chinese markets have entered the maturity cycle, Vietnam market started to emerge as a new outsourcing site. With offshore developments including: Web application services, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Digital Transformation, etc. China: $35 - $50 (thanks to large resource pool) Philippines: $20 - $30 (thanks to the perks in native English skills) India: $20 - $40 Vietnam: $15 - $25 Outsourcing to Vietnam means a lot to companies looking to develop the most cost-effective way.
The cost of hiring a dedicated development team is quite transparent. It depends on each team member’s salary and the service provider’s commission, which also covers all administrative fees. Depending on the tech stack and project characteristics, the cost will vary from $2,500 to $4,000 per month. This price is cheaper than other countries in same region. A dedicated team's price strategy is simple. Since you hired a team, each person has a set hourly fee, and you only pay for the hours performed. This is the only item you have to pay for. There are no additional costs for renting an office for a team, purchasing equipment, paying taxes, paying electrical bills, etc. Furthermore, hiring a dedicated software development team is cheaper and faster than looking for each individual tech specialist independently and engaging recruiters and HR managers.
While freelancers cost less on paper, you may end up paying more due to the many drawbacks of this model, such as insecurity, lack of commitment, inadequate development software, insufficient communication, and no legal responsibility. The dedicated team model has all that freelancing lacks.S
If we are not talking about something too cheap, too simple, and too low-quality, it will be somewhere between $40k to $300k for high quality and high grade. Custom software development cost affected by: 1. The size. The more screens or pages you need - the bigger the size. Small applications range from 10 to 25 screens and cost around $40-100k, medium - 25-40 screens and $100-200k, and large are anything over 40 and up to $300k and more. 2. The complexity. It is not the same as the size, though an app that performs a lot of heavy analysis can be viewed as a large one. But size is about screens, and complexity is about nuances and permutations. 3. The design. The budget of about $5-20k will typically be enough for creating a design and even going through a few re-designs (if needed). 4. Integrations with other systems. Sometimes they are effortless, sometimes they are extremely difficult, so they add variables to the equation. 5. Migration of existing data. Done through custom scripts that take data out of your old system, dust it off and reshape it so it can fit into your new system. Yet, the software may be built to fit a certain budget. This is usually done by lowering priority items or not including some items in the project at all.
Non-billable time includes administrative work, invoicing, office management, business marketing activities, sick time, training time, and other time-consuming things that are not related to projects. Depending on the industry, project, and collaboration details, you might have to either include only billable hours in your tracking sheets or both, billable and non-billable ones (which is quite rare, but some companies do request that). Here are a few examples of non-billable hours you might recognize: 1. Starting the day by spending 20 minutes responding to recent emails or having a chat with the team. 2. Getting on a 30-minute call about a potential project or doing a pitch to a potential client. 4. Meeting stakeholders or consulting teams. 4. Going extra miles for doing unfinished tasks, solving tough problems. 5. Doing POC analysis and writing estimation/quotation for RFP.
We offer rates that are competitive with the industry average of $12-25, depending on the specialist and non-technical factors. You can also send us an inquiry with a description of your project and we will guide you on the rates and opportunities more precisely. In addition, we are also offering a so-called bundled rate. A bundled rate is set for each TIGOSOFT developer. You are only charged for a developer’s time which includes ¼ time of a QA engineer, a Project Manager (or SPoC) or a DevOps specialist (can be replaced by a sustaining engineer as well). In other words, a bundled rate is the rate that is preferable if you are opting for our all-inclusive services.
TIGOSOFT offers technical support and consulting as a service alongside all software solutions we deliver. We conclude a separate support and maintenance contract for our assistance in bug-tracking and bug-fixing. We help enhance or develop additional features for your solution based on a separate contract as well, no matter whether it was developed by our specialists or another custom software vendor. Our team tracks and handles all go-live and post-go-live support issues and maintenance requests.
We’ve made up a brief list of such factors that will help create a positive effect for your project. The list accumulates a decade of our experience in the custom software development space. The factors we’d highlight are: 1. Availability of an experienced PMI-certified project manager authorized to make strategic decisions on your project; 2. Opportunity to make long term cooperation and alignment with us, hire additional qualified specialists to expand functionality and shorten the time frames; 3. Open communication, well-defined expectations, high accountability of the team members; 4. Possibility to make changes during the post-launch of the project (through DevOps services).
TIGO’s top 10 software outsourcing services are: 1. Backend: PHP (CodeIgniter, Laravel), NodeJS, .NET Core, Python; 2. Frontend: TypeScript, React, Vue.js, Angular; 3. CMS: Drupal, Odoo 4. ERP: Odoo, Sharepoint and SAPUI5 for SAP HANA 5. Mobile: Native app development (iOS Swift, Android), Hybrid app development (PWA) 6. QA (Manual and automated testing) Our team of inventive professionals never stops expanding its knowledge and skills in modern technologies and practices, so that our company can provide you with top-quality solutions.
The minimum project budget for our custom software development services makes $4,000. We are fair and transparent with pricing and are always open to negotiate the project cost with you. We estimate each new bespoke software development project against the following: 1. Functional and non-functional requirements; 2. Сomplexity of the project, i.e. New system (MVP) vs Upgradation; 3. Technology aging (new, mature, decline) 4. Project duration 5. Hourly rates of our specialists.
1. What does bleeding edge mean in business? Bleeding edge refers to a product or service that is new, experimental, generally untested, and carries a high degree of uncertainty. Bleeding edge is mainly defined as newer, more extreme, and riskier than technologies on the cutting or leading edge. 2. Bleeding Edge Technology Examples For example, open-source software has code that is easily accessible and can be modified by anyone. Open-source practices can help consumers by providing them with free offerings, but some of the offerings come with great risk. 3. Advantages of Bleeding Edge Technology Businesses that purchase bleeding edge technologies get a first-mover advantage if the technology later becomes mainstream. 4. Disadvantages of Bleeding Edge Technology Businesses run the risk of sinking money into something that might not function properly. Moreover, there’s a risk that other customers may never buy the same technology, causing the supplier to go out of business. Another potential pitfall is that new and better technology comes along that becomes a far-bigger hit.
We propose the next set of software and design development services separately or within the full project development life cycle: We provide the following core services: 1. Web Development 2. Mobile App Development 3. UI/UX Design 4. QA Services (manual and automated testing) 5. POC Analysis and MVP Strategy Consulting 6. Augmented Intelligence and deep learning 7. DevOps 8. Project Management 9. System Maintenance, Software Maintenance and Sustaining Software Engineering Besides, for cutting-edge technologies (i.e. Blockchain), we build the team as requested. It is a long term deal that we would like a partner/client to align with us for a longer journey.
5 advantages of outsourcing project: 1. More time to stay focused on the development of your business Outsourcing your projects to us will grant you enough time to focus on growing your company as we carry out our services in the most efficient way for your business and without the need to involve you too much in this process. 2. High Professional Development Team With our developers' team, you are guaranteed of highly experienced IT professionals at your disposal. For your project, we will hire only those engineers who meet your project requirements. 3. The product-oriented approach in software development While providing our software development services, we focus our efforts on your business goals and how our digital solutions will meet them. 4. Cost Savvy Solution In the case that you outsource your project to Softermii, you pay only for software development services we provide, you are not obligated to pay any recruiting or additional costs for team support. 5. Control Over Your IT Costs Outsourcing your IT projects will also reduce your running cost as you have full control over your IT costs. We will set a fixed price for our service so as to help you adequately allocate your budget.
We sign NDAs and Confidentiality Agreements as required by you. All our employees are full-time employees and are bound by company Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure clauses. Additionally, for sensitive projects, we can sign custom NDAs.
All our development and software testing processes are running while adhering to highly effective methodologies including Agile, Scrum, DevOps, and other methodologies to meet the highest KPIs for your project. We document all the operations required to handle the development of your product and measure them.
The commonly-held estimate of billable time lies somewhere between 60-80 percent, which is known as the utilization rate. While that range may seem large (it is) and anything under 80 percent may sound low (it does), non-billables vary by industry, and many tasks deemed non-billables actually help companies grow.
Depending on the client's need, we analyze in detail the requirements, materials, and documentation. Consequently, we offer qualified experts (developers/project managers/quality assurance engineers/business analysts, etc.). Additionally, we prepare the action plan and confirm it with the client.
It takes about up to 2-4 weeks to scale a team by 1/3/5 developers, depends on the needed number. If the client felt the need for this, we recommend to communicate as soon as possible
Our primary focus during candidates’ selection is skills and ability to solve problems, here we refer to the solution-oriented value. Likewise, for us, it’s important how they act in different situations, for which we follow multiple approaches. We are delighted to say that a big part of our experts is qualified, certified, and highly experienced.
A pilot can be included into the RFP process once the supplier has been selected.
Of course. To ensure a 100% beneficial collaboration for both parties, both customer and provider, we certainly use the service-level agreement (SLA) which includes the list of assistance actions, end-to-end program management, and deliverables.
There is no straightforward answer to this question because the final price is affected by many factors, including both your specific requirements and external market factors: • Project type and app complexity; • Team; • Design and UX; • Technologies; • Testing; • Target group size; • Maintenance and others. Get in touch with us for an appropriate estimate
A regular schedule of online meetings, 2-3 / week, will provide a clear vision of the current situation of the project and problems. During these meetings, both sides will come up with solutions, ideas, and with the next steps of the activities
To ensure the implementation of tasks at the most effective level, we organize daily meetings and monitor the evaluation of tasks. Likewise, the time that is worked by each person is monitored by a special tool predestined for such processes. We also offer a weekly / monthly report of the tasks performed and the worked time by each developer.
To ensure maximum effective work of developers, we have a backup professional/s who is/are up to date with the project and other useful information, otherwise, we do agree with clients on the recruitment process to ensure that all positions are covered.
Following the audit and the advanced analysis, we come up with recommendations on the number of talents for each position needful to successfully develop the product. It depends on the project-specific requirements, expected delivery time, and the team configuration that would assure the best result possible.
We have designed a Pilot project plan for such clients who want to try our services. You can use our service for up to 30 hours to develop a small task or solve a challenge you face. The program normally addresses many queries of the customers. This provides an opportunity to ascertain our competency, credibility and capability. The Project Program can also be the initial step towards the actual project. This Project can cover: 1. Web Applications or Mobile Apps with more than 70% typical. 2. Estimated cost and time 3. Bug fixing 4. Performance tuning etc

To which business is Odoo suitable?

Odoo Development Service
Start-ups: Small businesses and lean organizations benefit from Odoo's flexibility and adaptability, allowing for gradual implementation and scaling as they grow. Additionally, the ERP software is cost-effective and comes with essential apps needed to manage operations digitally. SMEs and SMBs: Odoo is well-suited for small and medium-sized businesses since many fundamental ERP modules are included in the standard Business Suite. These modules can cover various business areas and individual requirements. Large enterprises and MNC: Odoo can be configured to meet the specific needs of large companies and seamlessly integrated with other systems, applications, and tools. Moreover, Odoo supports multiple languages, currencies, and offers a variety of country-specific localizations. NPOs and NGOs: Non-profit and non-governmental organizations can optimize and automate administrative tasks such as workflow management, donations, member data, and simplify case management, fundraising, and other activities with Odoo's software solution.

Can AI be used in software development?

AI in Software Development
AI will change the ways teams analyze, design, develop, document, deliver, debug and maintain software. Developers could also use AI as a mediator when collaborating with teammates, stakeholders, and customers. Specifically, AI-infused can speed up feature additions, bug fixes, and support requests. While developers can spot issues manually, AI can streamline the process by instantly detecting and fixing errors. Some tools can even predict future errors based on the content in your database. While AI can't always spot complex issues or organizational preferences, it can save hours of debugging.

Is Odoo better than SAP?

Odoo Development Service
If you run an international enterprise from the Fortune 1000 list and you have to manage thousands or millions of orders daily, then yes, SAP is better than Odoo since it specializes in processing a tremendous amount of data.
A primary goal of self-healing systems should be happier development teams. Self-healing systems bring benefits to users and operations. But an often-overlooked benefit is that an application that fixes itself reduces the support burden on the development team. Less rote and menial work means happier developers.
1. Affordable: When you employ a committed Odoo specialist or engineer from a leading Odoo Development company from the low-end countries such as Vietnam, you have the opportunity to choose the cost effective and highly skilled professionals. 2. Less infrastructure costs: With offshoring, the dedicated Odoo developers utilize the physical assets of their organization, so there is no compelling reason to put resources into extra PCs, work areas, and some other office gear which can add to the general expense of your task. 3. Best expertise: The reasons behind choosing the dedicated Odoo developers are the cost of production, the flexibility of work, future customizations, etc. Outsourcing Odoo support provides businesses with access to expert knowledge and experience. Odoo support providers have a team of professionals who specialize in managing Odoo software. They have the experience and knowledge to quickly identify and resolve software issues. Support providers also stay up to date with the latest software updates and industry trends. This allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition and remain competitive in their industry. 3. Full control over your solution: You can have the support and reporting for all that they are doing and can keep an eye on their development in their Odoo upgrades. 4. Scaling is a breeze: Hire a dedicated Odoo Developer enables you to effortlessly include or evacuate engineers depending on your undertaking prerequisites, giving you adaptability on your planning and augmenting your cost productivity.
Test automation has the potential to revolutionize application development, but its benefits are often offset by the need for manual troubleshooting and maintenance. To leverage the transformative power of test automation, developers need to embrace self-healing automation tools. These tools detect and fix script breaks automatically, avoiding human intervention. Self-healing automation solutions can reduce downtime, speed of development, and the time and effort needed to update automation scripts after application upgrades. They also restore the value of test automation and provide automations with a unique competitive advantage.
We have set up clear security protocols, and strict file-sharing systems, and required non-disclosure agreements from the outsourced team members to reduce the risks to data privacy. No one aside from your selected team members can access or share your data without your permission.
If you're feeling stretched thin and struggling to keep up with the demands of your business, it may be time to consider outsourcing. By delegating these routine tasks to external experts, you can free up your time and focus on more strategic initiatives that will help your business grow.
<strong>A picture is worth a thousand words. Let&#39;s take a look at the following charts to learn more about our development process.</strong<br/> <b><u>Figure 1</u>: </b><br/> <strong>Burn-Down Chart</strong>:&nbsp;An easy-to-follow visual representation of what your Agile team has achieved, what it has yet to achieve, and whether it is on target to meet its deadlines.<br /> <strong>Burn-Up Chart:</strong> Exposing Scope Creep and Revealing Your Real Progress. <p><img src="https://i.imgur.com/QWGn1nU.png" style="margin: auto; display: block; width: 100%;" /></p> <p><b><u>Figure 2</u>: </b>Scrum ensures effective use of time and money. Works well for fast-moving development projects.</p> <p><img src="https://i.imgur.com/9OuWDn9.png" style="margin: auto; display: block; width: 100%;" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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