Project Management

Key Advantages and Disadvantages of Agile Methodology

Today, Agile is such a buzzword that even teams outside software development try to incorporate it into their workflow. But Agile is not for everyone.
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KPI - The New Leadership

One of the biggest concerns of so many team members from companies across the globe are unclear expectations and not knowing how they are measured.
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Which ERP implementation strategy is right for your business?

There are three key approaches that you can use to implement an ERP system: big bang, phased, and parallel. Each approach has its inherent advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you’ll need to thoroughly understand each type to select the one that best caters to your IT setup.
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Why is it important to have a “single point of contact (SPoC)” on an IT project?

A single point of contact (SPoC) refers to a person or department that is designated to handle all request or inquiries coming from a client, program or project.
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Agile MVP triangle: Fast, Good and Cheap

A more nuanced version illustrates the nature of the tradeoffs that you're making and allows for a middle option where all three are in balance, but you're not really optimizing any of them.
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Facts Chart: Why Do Software Projects Fail?

Reasons Why Software Projects Fail and How to Get it Right
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What are the consequences of poor requirements with software development projects?

Poor software requirements can create further technical problems resulting in poor customer responsiveness, long delivery times, late deliveries, defects, ...
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What is End-to-end project management?

The process where a system or software is carried out from beginning to end without assistance from third-party vendors
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Software Myths and Realities

Software myths are the beliefs that people consider are true but are not, regarding software and its development process. Learn the facts/realities behind our most commonly heard donation myths and misconceptions.
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What are disadvantages of Agile Methodology? How to mitigate the disadvantages ?

The project can easily get taken off track if the customer representative is not clear what final outcome that they want.
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Applying the business mantra "HORENSO" to Achieve 360-degree Communication

Traditionally used for manufacturing in a hierarchical organization, the Japanese method to ensure upward communication can be adapted to the realities of today’s knowledge based, flat hierarchical firms to ensure effective 360-degree communication in which everyone stays in the loop.
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Managing Project Execution Terms

Project Execution is the phase in the project life cycle when the work is performed, and everything in the project plan is put into action.
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