Project Management

What's the difference between soft freeze, hard freeze and customization freeze?

The Release schedules show two freeze dates: Soft and Hard freeze. What's the difference between Soft Freeze and Hard Freeze?
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3 Ways to Avoid Scope Creep in IT Consulting

Scope creep is not something to be feared — it is something to be removed from the equation. Fortunately, the process by which you can be confident of avoiding scope creep also enables you to provide a top-quality service for the client in terms of assessing their needs and providing a solution that should deliver to a more than satisfactory standard.
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5S methodology - the SECRET to Japanese SUCCESS

The 5S system is a lean methodology that improves workplace efficiency and eliminates waste. This article reviews the five steps, common uses, and more.
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Difference between an ESTIMATE and a QUOTE

An estimate is a best guess of how much a job might cost. ​ A quote is more exact. Once you've accepted a quote, the contractor has to do the work for that price.
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Getting your hands dirty: Why is ‘hands-on’ a must for most Product Manager?

Getting your hands dirty: Why being ‘hands-on’ is a CSF (Critical Success Factor) for every Product Manager?
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What is Terms of Reference (ToR)?

The terms of reference (ToR) document defines all aspects of how a consultant or a team will conduct an evaluation. It defines the objectives and the scope of the evaluation, outlines the responsibilities of the consultant or team, and provides a clear description of the resources available to conduct the study.
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Is gold plating good or bad in project management?

Gold plating is a serious issue as not only can it lead to difficult discussions with the end users, it’s often the case that as a result of the time spent, additional budget would be needed in the long run.
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Key Elements to Ramping Up a Large Team

How to Ramp Up Quickly as a New Team Member on a Project
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Does Fast Tracking increase project cost?

Fast-tracking does not result in increased cost but it does increase the risk, as activities that were originally intended to be performed sequentially are now performed in parallel. The ability to fast-track implies that the finish-to-start relationship between the activities was discretionary.
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How To Ramp Up An Offshore Software Development Team Quickly

Every client wants to get their offshore software team going as quickly as possible. If we grow the team too quickly, however, we can wind up with chaos and disorganization and reduced morale and productivity. 
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Five Project Management Styles to Motivate Your Team Members

Fashion is temporary, but style is forever. That’s because “style” is not subjected to rapidly-changing standards created by those in power. Style is personal, it’s an expression of self.
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Questions and Answers: Size and Cost Estimation of Software

For any new software project, it is necessary to know how much it will cost to develop and how much development time will it take.
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